Saturday, November 10, 2012


Location: 1295 Madison Ave.
Cost: About $25 per person

I recently had the chance to return to NYC for a few days. I got in right after Sandy hit, but miraculously none of my travel was interrupted. I slept on my friend Jen's couch, but because of my busy schedule didn't really have much time to play the role of "good guest." Well, right before leaving town I was able to take her out to brunch. My buddy Saffy also made the trek from the East Village. We hit up one of Jen's favorite spots for brunch, Sarabeth's.

Sarabeth's has a nice look to it. They've got a display counter up front with plenty of baked goods to see. We were lucky enough to get sat on the second level overlooking the rest of the dining room. While we were looking over the menu, we were able to look down at pretty much each item on someone's table.

The service was just alright and we had to ask a few times for some hot sauce to spruce up our Bloody Marys. The food came out quickly enough. The cost is really up there for brunch. Most items were in the $15-$20 range.

The Food
Like I was saying, we all ordered some Bloody Marys to get started. They had this big collection of veggies on top, but were a bit bland. My dad makes way better ones and they don't run $10.

The Bloody Mary

Jen went for the Salmon Eggs Benedict, Saffy got the Farmer's Omelette, and I got the Bacon and Gruyere Fritatta. Jen's dish was relatively self explanatory and had a heavy portion of lox. The hollandaise was light and creamy too. Saffy's omelette was not my favorite, but his alterations may have played a role in that. It had plenty of leeks and potatoes, but he went for egg whites and took out the meat. Although I'm sure his cholesterol level is a little better, I'm not sure he made the right move. My fritatta was great. There was a ton of bacon and a variety of peppers. It was slightly overcooked though. Jen was raving about the muffins, but unfortunately, their bakery had been without power for the previous few days. I got a croissant instead, and it was extra flaky and buttery.

The Farmer's Omelette

 The Salmon Eggs Benedict

 The Mixed Vegetable Fritatta with Bacon and Gruyere

For some reason Sarabeth's gave me a feeling like Ann Sather's. The had similar tablecloths, building architecture, and strength in baked goods. Sarabeth's had better egg dishes though. It was a little pricey and the bloody marys were mediocre, but I'd go back for a chance at their muffins.

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