Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stanley's Kitchen and Tap

Location: 1970 N Lincoln
Cost: Varies (this time it was $10 per person, normally I'd ballpark $20 per person)

So I rolled back into town last week after a lengthy month in Cleveland and I caught Ricky and Jeremy on their way out the door for dinner. They were headed to meet up with Scott, Ms. Lipkin, and Robyn for $5 burgers at Stanley's. I'd been there plenty of times for drinks and had heard they had pretty decent bar food. So we all hopped into Ricky's beautiful turn of the century Camry and drove a wee bit to the east.

Stanley's has two main rooms, one with a long bar, and another with some larger tables. We took one of the high tops near the front. It took us forever to find a parking space, and we ended up leaving the car a few blocks away. It's kind of a crummy area for public transportation too. We were able to get right in without any trouble, but it was a Monday night and all.

The deal was $5 for a burger / turkey burger / chicken sandwich as well as all you can eat soup and caesar salad. They have this big toppings bar set up in the back where you can put a variety of veggies and spreads on your sandwich of choice. It's a ton of food for the money. They also had some cheaper drink specials, but they'd run out of them by the time we got there. Our waitress was very friendly, but also rather handsy. Luckily for her, Jeremy was wearing a relatively new hoodie.

The Food
Since the burger was going to take a few minutes, I dove right into the soup and salad. The soup was some kind of creamy tomato with a kick. Clearly this bad boy was squeezed out of a bag and heated up shortly before making its way to the serving station, but it wasn't bad. The salad was simple and overly dressed, but the nice part about it was that you could apply many of the toppings for the burgers to spruce up your salad (i.e. roasted red peppers, olives, red onions, etc.).

The Soup and Salad

Then the burger came out. I got mine medium rare and it was cooked as such. Jeremy ordered his rare, and I think the chef got cold feet and overcooked his. The best part of this whole special was that there was no up-charge to get Merkts cheese with your burger. I would pay $5 for a bun with just Merkts, so all of the rest was just a bonus. The burger fell apart too much in my hands, but it was nice and juicy. The fries were thinly cut, kind of like at Steak and Shake.

The Burger

 A little close up on the fries

By no means did I have a regular experience at Stanley's. I've heard some of the down home country style food is pretty good there, and I'll have to go back to find out. The $5 Burger deal is great and comes without any of the hidden costs I'm sure you're used to with other bar specials. I'm giving Stanley's 3.5 Pearls for now, and we'll see how that holds up when I go for a regular meal.

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