Friday, November 30, 2012

Tango Sur

Location: 3763 N Southport
Cost: About $30 per person

With all this traveling I've been doing lately, it's been nice to get a few meals in around Chicago for a change. To make things even better, my old friend Brett was in town doing, of all things, an away rotation at Northwestern. In an odd turn of events, he was renting a room from another buddy, Rob. The three of us and Josh decided to grab some food the other night to catch up. I figured we could try out somewhere near Rob's place in Lakeview which is how we ended up at Tango Sur.

This was actually my third attempt at going to Tango Sur. They don't take reservations unless you have a party larger than 6 (I think), so each other time I'd gone in, my wait times were 2 hours or more. This was a Tuesday night, and we walked right in. Notably, there's plenty of street parking but a lot going on over there making spaces difficult on busier nights. Also, the other times I'd gone were on the weekends, and the restaurant was hopping. This time it was like the four of us walked in on date night for everyone else. So by the light of a few candles, we cracked into our six pack (it's BYOB) and got ready to pig out.

The waiter was fine and kept our waters full (which was really important with how salty the meal was). The price point is the big takeaway. You can get a huge steak for around $20. They're the first to admit that the cheaper steaks have a bit of gristle to get through, but even the higher end cuts aren't that pricey.

The Food
The first thing we got to go along with our Newcastle was some Provoleta, an Argentine grilled provolone cheese dish with some peppers. It was pretty similar to what you might expect out of saganaki at a greek restaurant. After we polished that off, they brought out the salads that came with our dinners (nothing too special).

The Provoleta

 The Side Salad

From there the meal was just meat and potatoes. Between the four of us we tried out the Churrasco (12 oz Sirloin), the Entrana (Skirt Steak), and the Bife de Chorizo (Boneless Strip Steak). Each came with some potatoes doused in herbs and oil and a healthy side of chimichurri. As we were told ahead of time, the steaks were a bit on the fattier side. I would've been able to navigate this better if there had been more lighting in the restaurant. Still, the extra salt on the steak helped balance out the higher fat content nicely (I mean that in a flavor sense. I'm sure both factors worked symbiotically on my arteries). I ordered mine medium rare and it was closer to rare (which is what I often prefer but am skeptical to order). The steak was delicious and really well seasoned. Despite the large portions, I don't think anyone had any leftovers.

The Bife de Chorizo

 The Entrana

Side Note: If your college roommate comes back from studying abroad in Argentina, don't throw away the green things they leave in the fridge. They're chimichurri, not mold... Sorry Obeler.

Tango Sur is a meat lovers paradise. If you can find a good time to avoid the excessive lines then you're in for a treat. The BYOB touch is great too. They seemingly accommodate large groups very well, so I suggest you bring some friends. I'd also make sure to order the meat cooked one notch above what you normally like. I'm giving them 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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