Monday, December 24, 2012

2 Sparrows

Location: 553 W Diversey
Cost: About $15 per person for brunch

A few weeks back my buddy Mike came in town for an interview. Jeremy and I joined him for brunch at Longman & Eagle as you might recall. Well Mike came back in town for another interview and was hoping to make up for what he considered to be a disappointing breakfast. On top of that, I told him he could borrow my car for his interview and he wanted to buy me a meal in exchange. For those of you that don't know, my car is no prize. It gets me from point A to B, and its best quality is probably that no one would ever be tempted to break into it. Mike was just happy that I'd gotten the muffler fixed since he'd seen it in Cleveland cause he didn't want his interviewers to think he was pulling up in a Harley.

There were a bunch of good places at the top of my list that just so happened to be closed on Mondays. We finally settled on 2 Sparrows.

2 Sparrows is a an American restaurant just down the block from where the new Kuma's will soon be replacing The Counter. They've got this big focus on local ingredients and such. When Mike and I walked in, we realized we were the only men in the whole place. It was easy to find parking nearby. I would assume that a weekend brunch would come with a wait, but we got in right away.

Our waitress was quick, kept the waters full, and was able to answer questions on the food well. The cost was what you'd expect with sandwiches and brunch entrees just north of $10.

The Food
We were well into the afternoon and decided to go for sandwiches instead of the brunch items. Mike got the Salmon BLT and I got the Chicken Sandwich. The salmon was soft and a bit bland. I don't know if it stood up to Mike's fish standards. The bacon was flavorful but became a challenge to eat on top of the delicate salmon. The chicken was cooked perfectly without any dryness. It was topped with some melted brie cheese that had some unpleasant oily separation. There were also some thinly chopped apples that didn't have much flavor. I got the bacon added which was a necessary plus since the only thing adding much flavor otherwise was the grainy mustard. I also had the tater tots on the side. I'd never had any like these before. Instead of the crispy exterior and soft interior, these were more like little balls of hash browns. They were way too oily, and I was not a fan.

The Salmon BLT

 The Chicken Sandwich

Both of our sandwiches had some significant flaws. There's plenty of menu yet to be tried at 2 Sparrows, but with the many solid brunch and sandwich options around, I'm not sure that I'll rush back. I'm giving them 1.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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