Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fat Sandwich Company

Location: 2273 N Lincoln
Cost: About $10 per person

When I first had a Fat Sandwich, it was in Champaign, IL. This brand new sandwich shop from Oklahoma had come to my town to kill the population slowly with fried food and gluttony. Between the Illini football team going there on an episode of The Journey, and my buddy Danny bringing home a burger doughnut at least once a week, I quickly fell in love with this place.

When I'd heard that they were opening up a spot in Chicago, I was more than excited. When I found out it was replacing that travesty of a restaurant, Papa D's, it got even better. The worst corner on the north side (Lincoln and Belden, as evidenced by America's Dog and Barleycorn) was about to get a little better. Just when things couldn't get any better, Groupon came out with a deal for a bunch of sandwiches and a side. Jeremy and I hit it up the other day for lunch.

The setup is simple. They've got a few table tops, a small counter, and a flat screen TV. Fortunately for me, they were playing the rerun of the Bulls game where they blew a 27 point lead to the Bucks. Even better was the crowd of high school aged morons cheering when the Bulls hit a three when it was clearly the game from the night prior. They have a big Illini flag which makes sense since they have a location in Champaign, but there was a Wisconsin flag that had seemingly no explanation.

It took surprisingly long to get our food considering that everything is deep fried. The cost is reasonable with sandwiches going for $8.50 and sides around $4.

The Food
All of the sandwiches come on an Amoroso Roll and are topped with a bunch of the soggiest, most awful french fries around. Jeremy got the Fat Bull (double cheeseburger) and I got the Fat Demon (buffalo chicken bites, mozzarella sticks, and jalapeno poppers). After we picked off the majority of the fries we got down to the rest of the sandwich. Both of them were horrible. The dryness of the overcooked double cheeseburger compounded poorly with the moderately stale bread. The buffalo chicken bites on my sandwich were unbelievably tough to chew. The mozzarella sticks were not melted in the slightest.

The Fat Demon

The Fat Bull

We also got a side with our deal. So we split an order of the Mini Corn Dogs. They had one uniform texture and a disturbing sense that the meat had more corn based product in it than the casing.

The Mini Corn Dogs

By no means do I hold Fat Sandwich Company to a high standard. It is a place that serves deep fried sandwiches, mostly in the late night setting. Still, this was inexcusably bad and disappointingly much worse than the Champaign location. I'm giving them 0.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. wowie! check out those sandwiches.

    Hello from a fellow Chicago foodie blogger :)

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