Wednesday, December 19, 2012


On yet another interview road trip, I had the chance to stop in Indianapolis for the night and hang out with my friend Erika. The Professor even decided to come down and join us for some fun. I rolled into town right around dinner time. We had this grand plan to go to this burger place on Mass Ave. and had some time to kill before Erika's friends could meet up. So the three of us decided to get some snacks and drinks over at Black Market first.

Black Market
Location: 922 Massachusetts Avenue
Cost: About $40 per person
They had a solid beer list, including one of my favorites, the Founder's Breakfast Stout. I would've been happy with just drinks, but we decided to order the Beef Tongue and the Daily Pickles appetizers. The tongue came with a whipped cottage cheese and roasted beets. It was weird and delicious. The cottage cheese had this thick, smooth quality too. The pickles were intense. Each veggie had a strong vinegary bite, but the star of the plate was the hand ground peanut butter.

The Daily Pickles

 The Beef Tongue

After polishing those off, we left to meet the rest of our crew for burgers. We were told the wait for the six of us would be three hours. Although this was possible, I'm convinced that we just asked an overwhelmed hostess for a table at the wrong time. Either way, we changed plans and hit up Forty Five Degrees for some sushi.

Forty Five Degrees
Location: 765 Massachusetts Avenue
Cost: About $20 per person
There's not much to Forty Five Degrees. It's a sushi bar with lots of flare and crappy sushi. We got a wide variety of specialty maki with indiscernible sauces. Many of the rolls fell apart immediately. Mostly though, the rice to fish ratio was poor.

Our "Sushi" Platter

Ball & Biscuit
Location: 331 Massachusetts Avenue
Cost: About $10 per person
We didn't really eat much food, but to that point, there's not much to order at the Ball & Biscuit. We ended up there later in the night, and I wouldn't even bother writing about it if it weren't such a mess. By the waitresses recommendation, we ordered the Artichoke Dip. It was sloppy and runny and lacking most every semblance of an artichoke. At least the toast points were stale though.

The Artichoke Dip

That was it for our tour de Mass Ave. The next morning the Bears game was on, but of course being out of market meant that Erika didn't have the game at her place. We had to go to a bar. Having a long drive back to Chicago following the game, I was in no mood to drink for hours while watching TV in a bar. That being said, I was in an awful situation and was doomed to be hounded by my waitress for not ordering enough and blocking up her table. Anyways, this all went down at Kilroy's.

Location: 201 S Meridian St.
Cost: About $15 per person
For some reason, this gigantic bar was empty when we rolled in at 1:15 for the game (eastern time zone and all). I guess even though the Colts are doing pretty well this year, the fans are so used to failure that they don't watch the first half of any of their games. The place got packed by the fourth when the Colts eventually beat the Lions. The Bears weren't so fortunate. Food wise we got some of the Stuffed Bread Sticks to start. These were just like Bosco Sticks but with pepperoni too. They were delicious and cheap, which turned out to be the theme of the meal. For $6 we got what seemed like a lifetime supply of Onion Rings too. To be "healthier," Erika and I split a wedge salad after all of that. It too was tasty and gigantic. The bill was practically nothing, and I felt like I'd be full for days. That's kind of what I expected out of Indianapolis. Start your diet tomorrow... visit Indy today!

The Stuffed Bread Sticks

 The Onion Rings

The Wedge Salad
Note: this is half of the order

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Kilroy's Bar N' Grill on Urbanspoon


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