Monday, December 3, 2012

Longman & Eagle

Location: 2657 N Kedzie
Cost: For brunch about $15 per person

When I started going to brunch in Chicago, I could've sworn that all of the good places had one syllable names. For example, there was Yolk, Feast, Flo, and Jam. In addition to having more than passable food, they also fit the naming criteria for my friend Jitty's favorite movies. I've since moved on to places with an ampersand in the name. As you may recall, I was a huge fan of Owen & Engine

Well my friend from Cleveland, Mike, was in town for an interview and wanted to get some brunch. He was staying somewhere in Logan Square which made Longman & Eagle the perfect place to hit up.

Longman & Eagle is this interesting little place that crams in as many people as they can since it seems like everyone is begging for a taste. Jeremy, Mike, and I were sat at one of the few tables right away. I'm pretty sure that most of the time you can expect a lengthy wait, and they don't take reservations. Parking around there is pretty manageable as well.

Our waiter was friendly although I feel that he betrayed us with his recommendations. The food came out quickly though. Cost wise you might spend a few more bucks than at the average brunch place with dishes floating between $10-$15. The portions are plenty large but not what you'll see at some of the other heavy hitters in town. They also have a pretty solid drink menu and an interesting rotating tap list.

The Food
Based on our obsession, Jeremy and I each ordered the Chicken and Waffles while Mike got the Duck Hash based on the waiters recs. The hash was tasty and all, but there wasn't enough of it. Also, the potatoes were too mushy. On the other hand, the Chicken and Waffles were spot on. The chicken was crispy without too much breading. It was all dark meat and was juicy as could be. The waffle was light and sweet. To kick things up a notch they had this baller sweet potato and pork belly hash. In an array of equally sized cubes, we were as likely to get a soft and sweet bite of potato as we were to chomp into some savory pork belly. It was just great.

 The Duck Hash

 The Chicken and Waffles

By no means have I begun to scratch the surface of what Longman & Eagle has to offer. As far as the brunch goes, things are pretty darn good. Honestly, I might like almost every plate of chicken and waffles that comes my way, but this one was no joke. We took some issue with the hash but nothing related to flavor. I'm giving them 4.5 out of 5 Pearls and can't wait to get back to try out the dinner menu.

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