Thursday, December 6, 2012


I was just at this food media event of sorts where I ran into my friend Krista. She asked me whether or not I was still living in Chicago because of all of the out of town posts I've put up. As I write this, I'm actually on a friends couch in New York City at the tail end of my interview trail. Point being, the intermixing of posts is winding down. I know that this is Jeff Eats Chicago and all, but I hope that you've appreciated the variety of postings. I think they provide an interesting perspective on how our city matches up.

To that end, I was just in Minnesota staying with my friend Rachel while I was on an interview. My interview day didn't end until it was too late to drive back to Chicago, so I stayed another night. This of course meant that I was able to hit the town with Rachel and her girlfriend Jen.

Chino Latino
Location: 2916 Hennepin Avenue South
Cost: About $30 per person

For dinner Rachel brought us to one of her favorite places in Uptown, right around the corner from her apartment, Chino Latino. Like the name hints at, they were all about Mexican and Chinese fusion. Amongst a series of theme based designs and menu descriptions that I thought bordered a bit too closely with racism, they had some pretty tasty food. My favorites were the Shanghai Wings and the Tostada de Tinga. The big let down was the Samurai Tuna Roll. We also tried some of their cocktails which were rather tasty but on the weaker side.

 The Shanghai Wings

 The Baja Beach Shack Fish Tacos

 The Tostada de Tinga

 The Quesadilla Abierta

 The Samurai Tuna Roll

Location: 1600 West Lake Street
Cost: Probably around $40 per person, but we just got some drinks and snacks

After finishing up at Chino Latino we swung a few blocks over to this little french bistro called Barbette. We settled up against some leather backed corner grabbed some drinks and got to enjoy the jazz trio already in action. They had one of those reverse happy hour things, and I took a gamble on some $5 pate. It was pretty good although we all agreed that it would've been better if it wasn't so sweet.

 The Pate

The next morning I hit the road, picked up some Spotted Cow while driving through Wisconsin, and promptly got stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam before catching up on the excessive amount of garbage TV piling up on my DVR.

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  1. The frites at Barbette are what's up. In the summer, they have an adorable side patio with lights and tables where you can drink cocktails and destroy an entire cone of them.

  2. Glad you were able to enjoy your swing through Minneapolis! I'm here for school and unfortunately haven't been able really search the city too much for great restaurants... that being said, if you ever make it back again you absolutely HAVE to go to Town Hall Brewery just west of the west bank U of M campus, their sandwiches are amazing, and the beer they brew is awesome!