Sunday, December 30, 2012

South Water Kitchen

Location: 225 N Wabash
Cost: About $18 per person for lunch

Since I've been on vacation for what seems like forever, I thought I would grab lunch with two of my favorite working stiffs, the Professor and Kovar. After some lengthy debate about where to go we decided on LM Bistro. Then we switched to India House for some buffet (and then back to LM). Finally, while I was on my way there, I got a text from Marc that I we had to pick somewhere closer to his office. The Professor suggested we hit up Hannah's Bretzel, mostly to "take in the view," but we finally settled on South Water Kitchen.

We rolled into South Water Kitchen and I immediately felt under dressed. In all fairness, as a medical student taking public transportation downtown, I've felt under dressed for the past four years. We got a nice booth next to a bunch of large groups out for a long lunch in the holiday season. Like most places in the loop, I'd imagine things are busy during the business day and not so much otherwise.

The waiter was mentioned that he would be quick since Kovar had to get back to work, but I don't think he was all that efficient. The cost is probably dictated by the part of town. Sandwiches are in the low teens and are plenty portion wise.

The Food
The Professor and Kovar split the Chicken Club Sandwich and the Turkey Burger while I went for the special, the Smoked Salmon BLT. The chicken club was overcooked, and is there really more to say after that? The turkey burger had a cranberry cream cheese that was bright and impressive looking but didn't pack much flavor. The meat itself was really large and dry with a lot of herb presence. The smoked salmon BLT had a very buttery bread and plenty of lox. The bacon was kind of stringy which became a challenge to chew along with the smooth salmon and flaky bread. The highlight of the meal were the french fries. Both the regular type and sweet potato version were crispy and flavorful with a good balance of salt.

The Chicken Club

 The Turkey Burger

 The Smoked Salmon BLT

My buddies enjoyed their meals, but I wasn't having it. A good sandwich isn't so hard to come by, and these were missing on a few notes. The fries were great but not enough to carry the meal. I'm giving South Water Kitchen 1.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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