Monday, January 21, 2013

Crosby's Kitchen

Location: 3455 N Southport
Cost: Around $30 per person

I've brought this up plenty of times, but there are certain media outlets that my dad loves to get his food "news" from. He's always been a fan of the Hungry Hound, and since he's the only person I know that watches CLTV, he has grown accustomed to their food shows too. He's a fan of print media too. In addition to a subscription to Victoria's Secret, he's also an adamant reader of Chicago Magazine. A few months back they came out with a list of their 50 best sandwiches. He's been using that list relativley exclusively for restaurant recommendations ever since. That's how we ended up at Crosby's Kitchen.

Despite being after the new year, Crosby's Kitchen still had plenty of holiday cheer to go around. In general, it felt like a cozy neighborhood bar, and despite the crowd of local families, it wasn't too loud. We sat in one of their large booths lining the window, but most of my attention was drawn to the bowl games on TV. We didn't need the reservation we had, but the seating isn't that extensive if you go on a non-sunday night.

Our waiter was attentive, quick, and put up with a handful of corny jokes from my dad. The portions were large and the cost was a little more than what I thought with most entrees in the upper teens.

The Food
To get the ball rolling we went with the Chili and the Iron Skillet Cornbread. The chili was warm, hearty, and perfect for how bitterly cold it was outside. The cornbread was moist inside with a great crisp on the edge of the pan. Not that it needed any, but the butter on the side was sweet, whipped, and made my mom cringe every time my dad and I put too much on our bread.

The Chili 

 The Iron Skillet Cornbread

 For our entrees my mom got the Sashimi Tuna Salad, my dad got the Wild Mushroom Meatloaf, and I got the Rotisserie Chicken. My mom seemed happy enough with the salad, but I got a much better feel for the other dishes. Now for those of you that have been subjected to my cooking, you'll know that two of my specialty dishes are meatloaf and roasted chicken. That being said, these were good, but not as good as mine. The chicken was juicy with a subtle crisp to the skin. The meatloaf was a bit stiff though. There was tons of earthy mushroom flavor though.

 The Sashimi Tuna Salad

 The Rotisserie Chicken

 The Wild Mushroom Meatloaf

For dessert we got the Key Lime Pie and the Carrot Cake. I was hoping for more texture to the pie crust, but it came out a little gooey. The filling was tangy and sweet though. The carrot cake was a warm base for tons of cream cheese frosting.

The Carrot Cake

 The Key Lime Pie

The second I walked into Crosby's Kitchen, I got this warm feeling of a cozy neighborhood spot. The food fit the feel as well. I'll stick to my chicken and meatloaf, but not all of you are privy to my cooking in the same way that Ricky and JR are. I'm giving them 3 out of 5 Pearls.

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