Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Location: 230 S Ashland
Cost: About $18 per person

In case you didn't know, I drive the greatest 16 year old miniature SUV around. She's called The Suze. Our neighbors and good family friends, the Finkles, were in need of an extra car the other week when their daughter Jamie came back from school. Since they'd lent us a car in multiple times of need, I was happy to let them borrow the Suze. When they were done with it, Scott took me and Josh out to lunch as a thank you and a chance to return the car. He works over at Rush, and we went to his favorite nearby lunch spot, Angel's.

Angel's is a simple setup right on Ashland down the road from the Consulate General of Mexico. They've got a little bar and a bunch of small tables. There's a bunch of local art on the walls that you can buy if you're into pictures of crosses and all. Street parking is plentiful and if you work nearby, I trust you can make it work in an hour. One issue was that it was freezing cold outside, and it wasn't necessarily that warm in the restaurant either.

The food came out quickly which was largely a bonus of being the first table of the lunch rush. There was some confusion on the menu items when we ordered, but that was straightened out quickly enough. Burritos and the like will run you around $8 while larger plates and combination platters are closer to $13. Given that I've gone to a lot of trendy, overpriced, Mexican restaurants lately, this was a relief.

The Food
Not like we ordered them, but the Chips and Salsa were solid. The chips were clearly fried fresh in house and had this flaky quality that set them apart. The salsa had a kick and a thick consistency without making you think you just opened up a can of Pace. From there Josh got the Taco Combo Platter, Scott got the Grilled Chicken Salad, and I got the Skirt Steak. My steak was a perfect medium rare and had been soaking in a tangy marinade. Considering it was a cheap lunch steak, I was somewhat blown away. Josh liked his tacos too, and the large combo was a great way to check out the variety they offer at Angel's. He made sure to point out how the tortillas seemed fresh and not the least bit dry. Scott was saying the salad was his go to dish. With the variety of well seasoned fajita vegetables and tender chicken I can see why.

The Skirt Steak

The Taco Combo Platter

 The Grilled Chicken Fajita Salad

Angel's delivered on what I expected with a few added surprises. It was quick, cheap, easy, and authentic. Considering it was an unassuming Mexican joint, I didn't expect to be as impressed as I was with the steak. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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