Thursday, February 21, 2013

Arami Go!

Location: 203 E Ohio
Cost: About $12 per person

My friends Arif and KVG wanted to meet me for lunch the other day in Streeterville between our classes. Although practically inseparable, the two of them don't always agree on what food to eat. Unless we're talking bout Popeye's, Arif goes for the more upscale options for his sophisticated palate. KVG although more delicate appearing than her counterpart will more often vouch for places that can clog your arteries twice as quickly for half the price. The debate raged on, but Arif won this battle, sending us to Arami Go!

This section will be short cause there's not much to it. They've got a quick order at the counter operation. Even during the middle of the week lunch hour, I've never seen a line long enough to worry about getting back to work in time. The cost is more than you'll spend on an 11.5 inch sandwich, but it's not too expensive for the occasional visit, especially compared to the other $13 bento box options nearby. They have multiple bento box options that will run you just over $10.

The Food
We all went for the Bento Box in some variety or another. Each one comes with your choice of main protein, grain, side salad, edamame, and pickled vegetables. I went with the soba noodles, spicy edamame, tofu salad, and tuna tartare while KVG got the beef, rice, and avocado slices. The tuna was a little smaller than what I was hoping for, but the flavor was there. It had a clean taste, and although it looked like a lump from an ice cream scooper, there was quite a bit of texture. The soba noodles were served cold and had a light yet salty dressing. The big winner in the box was the spicy tofu salad. Also served cold, the tofu had a decent crisp and was well dressed. The only advice I'd give is to space out the spicy dishes. Between the edamame and tofu my mouth was on fire.

The Tuna Bento Box

The Beef Bento Box

Between the spice and the salt in my lunch at Arami Go!, I was chugging water all afternoon. Still, for a quick sushi/Japanese option I thought it was well done. I've had a few bento box lunch deals in the area, and this was one of the better ones. I'm giving them 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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