Friday, February 15, 2013

The Twisted Spoke

Location: 501 N Ogden
Cost: About $15 per person

It was my good friend Julie's birthday one weekend. Her time is pretty valuable, but luckily she was able to squeeze in lunch with me, Jeremy, and Rachel. Despite everyone's requests, she even brought along her boyfriend Schneider. The goal for the meal was to find a place with really good sandwiches. I threw out a bunch of ideas, and we finally settled on The Twisted Spoke.

The Twisted Spoke is in River West which meant a drive for us. There's plenty of street parking to go around. When we showed up at prime brunch hours we didn't have to wait at all, which was a pleasant surprise. The bar is split up in two with a front room of tables and bar seating and then a section in the back with another grouping of tables. The back also happened to have all of the families with little kids. We were sat right in the middle of them. There were some sporting events on, but the TVs were being used to show cartoon network at the time. We didn't want to upset the delicate balance that keeps a child from crying, so we never asked for a change of channel.

Our food came out very quickly, and our waiter was a nice guy. He even ran my scarf out to me when I forgot it at the table after we left. The problem was that he asked which one of our girls had left the scarf at the table (it's a long plain black scarf, and I think his assumption was way out of line). The cost is reasonable with most sandwiches around $10 and huge portions.

The Food
Despite an attractive looking brunch menu, we all went the sandwich route with this meal. Both Schneider and Jeremy got the Shrimp Po' Boy, the star of the menu. The shrimp was crispy with a kick which went well between toasted french bread, cajun tartar sauce, and some slaw. I definitely suggest you get this when you go.

The Shrimp Po' Boy

Rachel got one of the Fatboys (aka burgers) with bacon, onions, and BBQ sauce. The meat was nice and juicy, but the sauce was overwhelmingly generous. Julie got the Four Banger Grilled Cheese. The ciabatta bread had a great texture, but unfortunately it wasn't that hot, and not all of the cheeses were melted. I was a big fan of my Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. The sauce was on the spicier end of the spectrum with plenty of butter to balance it out. The breading was well balanced with the juiciness of the chicken. All in all it was a great sandwich.

The Fatboy

 The Four Bangers Grilled Cheese

 The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

All of the sandwiches came with fries and slaw on the side, neither of which were all that good. The fries were very grainy and bland. The slaw was kind of gross. It was soggy to the point that you're pretty sure it had been at the bottom of some big vat in the back all morning.

All of the guys liked our sandwiches, but the birthday girl was unhappy. Since Schneider's life has been turned into an endless effort to keep Julie happy, this was just unacceptable. I'd strongly recommend the Shrimp Po' Boy or the Buffalo Chicken, but don't put too much faith in the sides. I'm giving them 3 out of 5 Pearls.

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