Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tubby's Too

Location: W8497 County Rd A, Delavan, WI
Cost: About $10 per person

People often ask why I bother writing posts about restaurants outside of Chicago. I mean, the title is Jeff Eats Chicago and all. Who really cares about a place in the north suburbs or for that matter NYC? My answer to that is that it is totally reasonable that people in Chicago that read my blog might visit one of those places in the near future and want to know how the restaurants in that area compare to their local favorites.

This post on the other hand serves little to no purpose to most of my readers. It is purely an interesting memory that I'd like to relive while I write this up and is possibly entertaining to the other 9 folks that were there (D, Jitty, Jessie, Mcnamara, Sid, Nomi, Mari, Brittany, and Evan).

So the 10 of us went up to Jitty's lake house for the weekend. It's just outside of Lake Geneva, and although this is a typical biannual occurrence for my friends, this was the first time I'd gotten around to the trip. I was introduced to such traditions as the Walmart run before the weekend, filled with entirely junk food purchases. We bought enough chips, Merkts, cheese curds, pretzels, and frosting to last a day and a half, but by Saturday night's dinner we needed to venture outdoors to clog our arteries. The plan was to hit up Tubby's Too.

Tubby's Too is a local dive bar in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. The walls are decked out in Green Bay Packers garbage with a few surprising Chicago sports banners to appease the inevitable visitors. We rolled and started putting together tables for a large group when a portly, bearded gentleman (who I can only assume was "Tubby") came out to criticize us for coming into his home and moving his furniture. His wife promptly came out and let us do as we pleased. Tubby went back to the array of surly regulars, chain smoking and downing Spotted Cow at the arched bar in the center of the room.

Once Mrs. Tubby was in charge of our table the service was impeccable. We had plenty of room and were in earshot of the deep fryer. I asked if there were any specials, and she laughed before explaining beers were in the $3 range. Food didn't break the bank either.

The Food
Some things were fried, some things were baked, but everything was definitely frozen. We had Broccoli Cheddar Bites, Onion Rings, Mac N Cheese Bites, Chicken Tenders, Fried Cheese Curds, Potato Skins, Sausage Pizza, and Cheese Pizza. The best items were the tenders, the curds, and the pizza. The broccoli cheddar bites were still a little frozen on the inside. We also liked noting the nutritional fact label left on the clearly externally purchased frozen pizza. Still, each item might have run $5.

 The Onion Rings

 The Chicken Tenders

 The Fried Cheese Curds

 The Broccoli Cheddar Bites

 The Mac N Cheese Bites

 The Potato Skins

The Sausage Pizza

The Pizza Label

The Cheese Pizza

Oh, and of course, there was plenty of ranch dressing to go around.

Tubby's Too is exactly what you'd expect when you drive by it on County Road A. It was extremely cold outside, but with the excess of fried food and general Wisconsin hospitality, it was very warm inside. I suggest that you not move the tables on your own, ask for Mrs. Tubby, stick to the least healthy menu options, and not complain about people smoking indoors.


  1. Tubby's is a really friendly place. I don't appreciate how trashy you made the place sound, let alone Wisconsin. Don't have such a closed mind dick head

  2. I can only imagine you're referring to the logistics section which I think was as accurate a description as I have ever given of a restaurant. I would gladly go back to Tubby's. I don't like the Packers and would prefer if people not smoke indoors, but it's not like I complained while I was there. You're a mean person.

  3. Tubby's is a cozy dive - but dive for sure. Tuesdays are the ONLY days on which I'd HEARTILY recommend the food. They have a 'guest chef' who does amazing surf n turf. Two small tails and a 6oz filet, potato, salad or soup, for $22. Impossible to beat - very tasty!
    Also, I've been there dozens of times over the years, and never seen anybody smoke in there since it was abolished in the late 2000's. I assume you found the exception, no the rule. But their normal 'bar food' is average, at best. I literally take my guests there over any other place, if dining on a Tuesday evening. Other area finds (for days other than Tuesday, of course) are Rushing Waters, Duck Inn, Stagecoach, Holi Canoli, and Sweet Aroma's.

  4. Besides the tuesday surf and turf fare I would highly recommend the Friday fish fry. Yes, the owner is a bit surly but he is a nice guy. Get back here while you can as Tubby's Too has been put up for sale for retirement!

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