Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Uncle John's BBQ

Location: 337 E 69th
Cost: About $12 per person

Twas a dark and stormy night, and Dweiss and I were on an adventure for rib tips. The rain was heavy, and the Suze (my car) had one headlight out. That wasn't about to stop us. You might recall Dweiss's blockbuster post on Honey 1 BBQ, and word on the street was that Uncle John's had the leg up. We had to go give it a try.

It should be noted that since I ate at Uncle John's, ownership has changed hands. I assume things are pretty similar.

It should also be noted that Jeremy was invited to come along but had his weekly date at the Green Mill.

Uncle John's is a little shack with nothing around it on the south side. We parked right out front with a few shady characters eyeing my valueless automobile. You walk in and are immediately surrounded by some of the thickest glass around. You order through a slot in the window like you might see at a movie theater. When your food is ready, they put it on a rotating turn style.

A big thing to note is that you can't eat at the restaurant. This might have changed with ownership, but I think a lot of people take their food to local bars to eat. We packed up shop and headed back north to my place to chow down. As far as the cost goes, it's really cheap. $12 will land you a ton of rib tips, sausage links, and chicken wings.

The Food
Like I was just saying, we got the Rib Tips and Sausage Link combo plus a few Chicken Wings on the side. The whole thing comes in an overflowing styrofoam container with wax paper and white bread over the top. Both Dweiss and I agreed that the links were the strongest part of the meal. They came as two large whole links. There was a balanced snap to each bite which was packed with plenty of spice. The spice was balanced nicely by the juiciness of the link too. It may have been one of the best sausage links I've ever had.

The Presentation

 Sans wax paper

 Chicken Wings on Top

 A closer look at one of the rib tips

 The Sausage Link

I thought the tips were good but not great. Unlike the ones at Honey 1, these had much more bone to maneuver around. In general they were difficult to eat and less tender. The meat was still tasty and coated in plenty of house BBQ sauce. We went with the mild sauce which had a decent kick as is. My only qualm with the sauce was how grainy it was. The chicken wings were thickly breaded, not that crispy, but coated in just the right spice combo. Considering they're only a buck or two more, I'd recommend tossing them onto your order.

Stu Pearl always says that he hates crab because you have to work really hard to get the meat and most of the time it's just alright. I'd say the same applies for BBQ, especially in Chicago. Uncle John's might be a little more work with the drive and the tips, but the BBQ is totally worth it. The links are what it's all about. I'm giving Honey 1 the slight nod though. Uncle John's gets 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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