Saturday, March 16, 2013


Location: 1220 W Webster
Cost: About $10 per person

My good friends Josh and Lonnie got engaged a few weeks ago, and it seemed impossible to get some time in with them. I felt like there was this critical window in which I needed to look at the ring, tell Lonnie congrats, and give Josh a pat on the back or I would suddenly disappear from the sphere of acceptable friendship. The problem was that they were booked with plans. I was able to get them to join me for brunch before heading back to the suburbs to celebrate with their families .Since I'm on their way and all, we hit up a spot in Lincoln Park. I'm often drawn into places by the smell they emit, and accordingly we decided to check out Floriole.

Unlike many bakeries with their small seating area and display case of goodies, Floriole is relatively huge. They've got two floors of seating and a beautiful woody interior. They've still got the display case with plenty of daily product. We went at midday on Saturday without having to elbow our way for a croissant and a table.

Even with the counter, you can mostly place your order, take a number, and get your food brought out. It took kind of a long time for our sandwiches, but we bought a croissant to tide us over. The cost is totally reasonable with pastries around $4 and sandwiches around $10.

The Food
So we split this croissant that was delicious and embarrassing  By that, I mean that it was so flaky that it ended up all over me.

The Chocolate Croissant

From there, Josh got the B.A.D (bacon, arugula, and dates), Lonnie ordered the Grilled Cheese, and I got the Ham and Cheese Quiche. Across the board the bread products were impressive. The B.A.D. had a little bit of everything with the sweet dates, savory bacon, and peppery arugula. The grilled cheese had just the right ooziness. The quiche held together nicely (not like the one at Local Root). It was just the right balance of eggs and cheese.

The B.A.D.

 The Grilled Cheese with Arugula

 The Ham and Cheese Quiche

You don't always have to make some huge production out of brunch, and Floriole is the perfect example of that. Go for a quick sandwich, quiche, or coffee and a pastry. If it's a carb then you just can't go wrong there. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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