Saturday, March 9, 2013

Indie Burger

Location: 1034 W Belmont
Cost: About $10 per person

When I wrote about Bar Pastoral, my good friend Renee pointed out that I was basically eating in her backyard without letting her know. I couldn't tell if she was unhappy or just trying to lay some guilt on me (by the way, if she knew the kind of guilt I get from my mom on a regular basis, she wouldn't even try). Serendipitously, another Lakeview resident / friend, Dr. Dave suggested that I come get a bite with him and Kayleen at one of his new favorite places, Indie Burger. Between Indie Burger's vegetarian options, Renee's fondness for Kayleen, and my general distaste for being the lone third wheel, this was the perfect meal for the four of us.

Indie Burger is a simple setup off Belmont, just west of the red line. They've got the whole order at the counter and put your number at your table thing going on. We rolled in on a Friday night at 7 and had no trouble getting four seats. I wouldn't try and drive to those parts, but you can probably track down a street spot if you need to. The room is decked out in recycled wood, which feeds into the local theme.

The service isn't really a factor since all they do is bring you your food. It took a while to get the food though. I know this because I was able to make my way through plenty of a beer before getting my meal. Oh, it's BYOB too. Dave brought a variety pack with plenty of solid choices. The cost is reasonable with burgers running around $7 and fries at $3. I've always disliked ordering fries separately from my burger, but $10 for the two doesn't seem too bad.

The Food
This meal was actually part one of two. We went to Indie Burger with the intention of getting food at Uncommon Ground afterward (because we couldn't decide on one place [this will be the next post]). Thus, our order was somewhat light. We split the Indie Burger and the Vegan Gyro. The burger was griddled with a delicate crisp. The bun was flaky but not substantial enough. The cheese was melted but not oily. The onions were nice and soggy, and who doesn't like some mysterious secret sauce? The gyro was made out of seitan and the tzatziki was good and creamy. I'm not the biggest seitan guy, but the vegetarian in the crew was a fan. Our sides were the sweet potato chips and the regular french fries. Both were crispy but not at a loss for flavor secondary to the deep frying process.

The Burger and Beers

 The Indie Burger Close Up

The Vegan Gyro

Indie Burger is one of many new places popping up with griddle burgers. I dig the BYOB option and the locally sourced ingredients which gives a slight edge over a few other similar places. The burger fell apart on me a little bit, but the fries were spot on. I'm giving them 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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