Sunday, March 3, 2013

Top 10 Sandwiches in Chicago

I've been getting heckled by some of my readers to mix it up a bit. I get that the same four sections and my lack of writing prowess can get somewhat mundane. The other day, my buddy McNamara suggested I start making some lists. More specifically he suggested I make a list of places for people to go on Valentine's Day. Given that I spent V-day in a bar with my roommates and neighbors, I didn't think it was really my place (but I think there's something in the list idea). So what do I know more about than romance?... jokes about my Jewish identity.

Passover comes early this year which means that you only have the first few weeks in March to get in as much chametz (bread products) as possible. So the inaugural (possibly monthly) list will be my Top 10 Favorite Sandwiches in Chicago (excluding burgers):

10. Sultan's Market

The Falafel Sandwich

9. Conte di Savoia

The Frank

8. Jake Melnick's

The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

7. The Bourgeois Pig

The Walden

6. Al's #1 Italian Beef
Specifically the location on Taylor St.

The Italian Beef Sandwich

5. The Birchwood Kitchen

The Gruyere and Salami Sandwich

4. 11 City Diner 

The Woody Allen

3. Capt'n Nemo's

The Seafarer

2. The Brown Sack

The Meatball Sub

1. Manny's Delicatessen

The Corned Beef on Rye


  1. Personally, I think Mr. Beef on Orleans has better Italian beef. I'm eating my way though the top 50 in Chicago according to Chicago magazine right now. They has some winners on their list. #1 and #2 were both outstanding IMHO.

    1. Yeah, my dad and I have been working our way through that list too. I don't know about Mr. Beef though. A while back I went to both Al's and Mr. Beef to compare. The issue with Al's is that the satellite locations are variable and the issue with Mr. Beef is the lack of flavor.

  2. You know how I feel about you......a few thoughts ....johnnie's beef in elmwood park and arlington heights has my favirite combo!
    How about phils last stand in uranian village on west chucago ave?
    Then I have a new one for you. .. the pot roast sandwich (the bco) at blue stone in evanston on central. Believe me this is a life changing sandwich
    Goid kist

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