Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wildberry Cafe

Location: 1783 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville
Cost:  About $12 per person

As many of you know, I've logged plenty of time as a suburban breakfast waiter. It wasn't that long ago that I donned the polo and apron of Egg Harbor. Accordingly, I don't love going back and getting my cheeks pinched by the slightly older waitresses that still view me as this little high school kid. My parents wanted to grab a bite with my cousin Natalie the other weekend for a bit of a birthday celebration / brunch. Given the aforementioned restrictions and that we had recently gone to Walker Brothers, Wildberry Cafe seemed like a logical choice.

Note: They have a location on Randolph in the Loop, but this post really only speaks to the one in Libertyville.

In standard fashion, Wildberry Cafe has a large seating area that is constantly full on the weekends. The waiting area is packed full of families with crying babies, but at least they have free coffee. It was freezing cold out, and the crowd was so large we almost had to wait outside (which would've been just awful). That being said, the turnaround is relatively quick, and even with the crowd, we were sat within a half hour.

Our waiter put up with my dad's corny jokes and they bevy of substitutions that came with our order (I felt his pain). The food came out really quickly (hence the fast turnaround on tables). The cost is what you'd expect with most main dishes just under $10.

The Food 
Our order was very standard. My cousin went for a Lox Omelet of sorts, my mom got the Eggs Florentine, my dad got the French Toast with a side of Bacon, and I got the Southern Chicken Salad. The eggs are touted to be farm fresh and all, but I can seldom tell the difference. I did notice the broken hollandaise sauce though. The omelet was light and fluffy, and they didn't let the lox get all dried out. The french toast was soft with plenty of cinnamon, but I thought the bacon was overcooked. My chicken salad was a bust. The fried chicken had a coating that separated from the meat too easily. The pecans were a nice sweet touch, but otherwise all it did was make me miss the fried chicken salad that they used to have at the Buffalo Grove Village Tavern. They did do a nice job with the crispy, grated hash browns though.

The Side of Bacon

 The Eggs Florentine

 The Lox Omelet

 The French Toast

The Southern Chicken Salad

There's no question that it's not worth the trek from downtown to go eat at Wildberry Cafe (but then again, they have a spot on Randolph). The whole meal felt very average besides my salad that I was disappointed with. I'm giving them 2 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more... I think they also recently opened up a location in the Schaumburg area

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