Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Devon Seafood

Location: 39 E Chicago
Cost: About $40 per person

For those of you keeping track of Jeff Eats Chicago time, we're now entering the middle of March. The posting every 3 days gets backed up sometimes with weekends where I go a little crazy and then some promotional posts, but we're back on track. I already told you about my Bub City outing on match day, but one meal wasn't going to do the trick. By late evening, a lull in the partying had been reached and stomachs were growling. KVG, Arif, Anthony, and Shanika wanted to get a bite before making a push for our night out. Someone tossed out the idea of seafood and we ended up at Devon.

This was actually my second time at Devon. I went once with Carrie a few years back and oddly enough we got the same table. They've got this funky setup with a bar on the top floor and a basement with a more private / romantic feel. If that's what you're looking for, I'd suggest making a reservation. Little did they know that 5 rowdy medical students would get put right in the middle of their quiet dining room.

The service is what you'd expect from a nice steak or seafood restaurant. There are a few unnecessary pass offs between an upstairs an downstairs hostess, but no biggie. The cost is very reasonable for seafood. Most entrees run in the low $20 range while there are plenty of bigger appetizers and salads that you can get in the $15 area if you're not as hungry. The portions are plenty, and besides me, I don't know if anyone finished their whole plate (because of size not taste [and this is the norm as I'm a card carrying member of the clean plate club]).

The Food
The first mention needs to go to the dinner rolls. They're no Bob Chinn's garlic rolls or anything, but these biscuits have a subtle buttery honey goodness that makes them some of the best around. From there we had a rather diverse order. Arif got the Salmon, KVG got the Shrimp Enchiladas, Anthony got the Lobster Cobb Salad, and I got the Lobster Roll. The salmon was nicely prepared with a sweet glaze and mango salad. The enchiladas were definitely on the heavier side but had some huge shrimp that you could pick out when you start to get too full. The salad was a bit heavily dressed for my taste, but the large, cold chunks of lobster were great. My roll was served with an appropriate amount of mayo and butter. The bun was also very buttery and soft. The fries were too mealy though.

The Dinner Biscuit

 The Salmon

 The Shrimp Enchilada

 The Lobster Cobb Salad

 The Mini Lobster Rolls

I've had a surprising amount of people ask me for seafood recommendations in River North lately. I usually point them toward GT Fish and Oyster, but if they've already been there I'm not slow to recommend Devon next. It's no Glenn's Diner, but I'll give them 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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