Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hema's Kitchen

Location: 2439 W Devon Avenue
Cost: About $20 per person

This post is on Hema's Kitchen on Devon Avenue. Way back in the early days of JEC, I wrote about the location in Lincoln Park. You can refer to that post for more detail. This time though, I was joined by my good friends Anthony, KVG, and Arif. In general, the differences between the two restaurants are the differences between any restaurant on Devon and in Lincoln Park. On Devon it was less crowded, more authentic, and more confusing (the waiter's English and general demeanor were much worse).

The Food
To start we got Beef and Veggie Samosas and a Raita. The samosas had a great crisp with a burning hot and spicy filling (sorry for the blurry picture).

The Raita

The Veggie Samosa

For our meal we split the Saag Paneer, the Shrimp Biryani, the Tandoori Chicken, the Dum Ki Gobi Matar, and some naan / garlic naan. The paneer was in moderate quantity while the spinach was slightly too oily for my taste. The Biryani had plenty of shrimp and was surprisingly the spiciest thing on the menu. The tandoori chicken stayed nice and moist which is often a problem. The spice rub was dry and strong, doing a nice job of clearing any sinus issues remaining from the long winter. The Dum Ki Gobi Matar was basically a mix of cauliflower, potato, and peas in a spice mix. It was a wonderful option, especially since Anthony needed to keep vegetarian (this was on a Friday during Lent). Also, I'd vote for the Garlic Naan over the regular which was moderately dried out.

The Tandoori Chicken

 The Dum Ki Gobi Matar

 The Saag Paneer

 The Garlic Naan

 The Shrimp Biryani

For dessert we ordered the Kheer and the Gajar Halva. Neither was all that special. The kheer was too runny for my taste and Arif is to blame for the Halva. I mean, who really likes a dessert based on shredded carrots?

The Kheer

The Gajar Halva

When comparing the two locations, Hema's on Devon gets the clear edge. The general feel and the liberty with the spice profile are a significant improvement over the Lincoln Park spot. Besides some tude from our waiter, I thought the experience was spot on. I'm giving it 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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