Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Max's Deli

Location: 191 Skokie Valley Road, Highland Park
Cost: About $18 per person

I played a lot of baseball growing up. I was a pitcher and third baseman for the most part because I had a strong arm. I would hit a lot of singles because I didn't have that powerful of a bat for home runs, and I was too slow to stretch anything into a double. Now I play 12 inch softball in the suburbs on the weekends and the tables have turned. Well, it's more like I have less back and knee problems than the majority of 40 year olds in the league. Either way, I play center field now and often throw out some over ambitious guy hobbling around third. Because half of our team lives or works in the suburbs, we play our games in Highland Park.

After a practice a few weekends back, Ian, Ryan, and I piled into the car to make the short trek back to the city. Ian suggested we grab some food first which is how we ended up at Max's Deli.

Max's Deli is a rather large deli in the middle of this strip mall right off the highway. When you walk in, there's a deli counter and take out area to the left and a large dining room to the right. It looks just like Zweig's Deli used to look in Buffalo Grove. I don't think you can make a reservation, and with the exception of the morning weekend brunch rush, you're probably not in for a long wait. The cost is relatively cheap with half pound sandwiches just breaking $10

The Food
To nosh before our sandwiches got there, they gave us some complimentary dill pickles. They were round cut, large, and medium salty. I also ordered the Matzo Ball Soup to get started. The broth was simple and the ball was a little dense.

 The Pickles

The Matzo Ball Soup

Ryan got the Corned Beef on Challah, Ian got the Lean Corned Beef on Rye, and I got the BBQ Brisket on Challah. Although this may be sacrilegious, I've come to realize that I'm just not that fond of corned beef. These guys loved their sandwiches, but I would suggest you go for the brisket. It was juicy and doused in entirely too much of a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. The toasted challah soaked it all up nicely. It also had this excellent texture where I didn't end up tugging at the meat at all.

The BBQ Brisket on Challah

 The Corned Beef on Rye

 The Corned Beef on Challah

Max's Deli has solid sandwiches at very reasonable prices. Amongst many other great north suburban delis, I think it holds its own nicely. If you live in the city, it's probably closer to go to Manny's which I would strongly suggest, but if you're in the area, Max's isn't bad either. I'm giving them 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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