Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q-BBQ and Miko's Italian Ice

Location: 70 S La Grange Rd, La Grange
Cost: About $20 per person

Although it has passed, and you may not have realized it, May was National BBQ Month. To celebrate, Q-BBQ was hosting some media dinners and extended an invite my way. I had the chance to bring with my entourage of BBQ experts. First there was DWeiss, a burnt ends fanatic who introduced me to such places as Honey 1 BBQ. Then there was The Professor, a man known to travel all the way to Cincinnati for BBQ (and maybe a Phish show too). Finally, there was Jeremy, who is so much in favor of pork over beef that he won't even allow his father to eat brisket at home. They have locations in Naperville and La Grange, and given the closer proximity to the city, we went with La Grange.

Q-BBQ has a simple, order at the counter, take a number setup. There was plenty of seating, and they don't take reservations. They've got a decent beer selection, and all of the staff were friendly and helpful. The meal was comped, but normally a sandwich runs around $8, an entree runs around $15, and a full slab of ribs will cost you $24. So, that's pretty on par with most of the city BBQ spots.

The Food
We started off with some Q-Pups (hush puppies). They had a nice spicy aftertaste and a good balance between the creamy center and crispy exterior.

The Q-Pups

After that, we had a little bit of everything. The Brisket was smokey but a little bit dry. Luckily they had plenty of sauces at the table, our favorite being the Memphis Sweet Sauce. The Sausage Links were very rich with a nice snap. The Chicken Wings had a heavy seasoning rub. The Burnt Ends were alright in the DWeiss book and came with an interesting Spicy Aioli dipping sauce. Jeremy was very pleased with his Pulled Pork. I went with the Ribs. You had to work to get them off the bone, and they were very saucy (both valuable qualities in my book).

 The Brisket

 The Sausage Links

 The Chicken Wings

 The Burnt Ends

 The Pulled Pork

The Ribs

For sides we got to try the Baked Beans, the Fries, the Cornbread, the Mac n' Cheese, and the Coleslaw. My favorites were the beans and the slaw.

The Mac n' Cheese

 The Baked Beans

 The Coleslaw

The Cornbread

Q-BBQ holds its own with some strong meats and sides. With exception to the drive out west, it is logistically as easy as it gets. You can stroll in and stuff your gullet full of a variety of saucy dishes with relatively no effort. I suggest you check it out for yourself.

Q BBQ on Urbanspoon  

Miko's Italian Ice
Location: 2234 N Sacramento
Cost: About $3 per person

After the meal at Q, I dropped off DWeiss at his place in Logan Square. It was a warm night out, and we decided to stop off for some Italian ice. Danny's favorite spot is right around the corner from his apartment, Miko's. It was cheap, quick, refreshing, and delicious. We tried a bunch of flavors including the chocolate, banana chocolate chip, mango, lemon, and strawberry. I was a big fan to say the least.

The Chocolate Italian Ice
Miko's Italian Ice on Urbanspoon
Miko's Italian Ice on Foodio54


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