Friday, July 19, 2013

The BBQ Pit

Before today's post, I just wanted to mention that this weekend I will be participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Scenic Shore 150 bike ride. The ride is two days long (75 each day) and helps to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you feel so inclined, donations are much appreciated at this link. Thanks.

Location: 589 Elm Place, Highland Park
Cost: About $25 per person

In another round of Sunday night dinner with the family, my parents and I stopped over in Highland Park with a hankering for some BBQ. They'd been to a bunch of spots in the area but had settled on The BBQ Pit for their go to. So we set out to get our food coma on.

The BBQ Pit is in the middle of a strip mall of sorts near downtown Highland Park. The restaurant itself is very simple with a big open room bordered by booths and with four tops in the middle. There's a bar up front which seemed to serve more for a take-out counter than anything else. The food came out quickly and the price was fair. To give you an idea, a slab of ribs was $23.

The Food
All of our entrees came along with Greek salads, so that's how we started. For a standard inclusion salad, this was a pretty solid one. There was plenty of feta and a healthy balance of olive oil and balsamic.

The Greek Salad

For our main course, my mom got the Beef Ribs, my dad got the Baby Back Ribs, and I got the BBQ Chicken. The beef ribs were very fatty and came off encapsulated from the bone. The sauce was sweet and tangy, and the side of sweet potato fries was simple and lightly salted. The baby backs were better and made you work the meat off the bone a bit too. There was plenty of smoke and a good char to the border of the meat. The dark meat of the chicken was good, but the breast was a bit dry. I got a side of baked beans too which were relatively standard.

The Beef Ribs

 The Baby Back Ribs

The BBQ Chicken

Everything was alright at the BBQ Pit. I usually give props to places just for serving beef ribs, but I thought these were a bit too fatty and chewy. The chicken and baby backs were good options though. With spots like Smoque and Honey 1 on the north side of the city, I don't think you need to venture out to the near north suburbs, but if you're in Highland Park, this is a safe bet for a good meal. I'm giving them 3 out of 5 Pearls.

Barbecue Pit Rib House & Grill on Urbanspoon


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