Thursday, October 10, 2013


Location: 354 W Hubbard
Cost: About $25 per person

Note: This post is written by long time contributor and friend, Marc Kovarsky. In general, I'd say he is too forgiving to restaurants, but for what he lacks in criticism of food he demands in service and atmosphere. Enjoy.

It has been a while since I last contributed, and I’m glad to be back here on JEC. I’m a big fan of the Gilt Bar Group of restaurants- Au Cheval, Maude’s Liquor Bar, and Bavettes. The newest member to join the family is Dillman’s, which was first described to me as a deli. If so, it is the fanciest deli I’ve ever been to. While I had already been for lunch I was excited to go back for dinner and dig a little deeper into their menu.

The meal was off to a good start when I noticed they had Table Wine for $16 a bottle. I can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap wine (usually get it at Trader Joes) so I was excited that they had a reasonably priced bottle. We were hungry and decided to share a bunch of selections from all over the menu. We put our entire order in at once and told our server to course it however she felt appropriate. We decided on the Caesar Salad, Turkey Club, Short Rib, Latkes, and Sweet Pickles.
The Caesar salad had an interesting twist because they substituted croutons with potato chips. The dressing had a strong dill taste to it, but worked well with the salad. The potato chip crunch was interesting and I enjoyed it since I had never seen that before. The latkes and sweet pickles were a perfect side. The latkes are thin and crispy, and came with the perfect sides of apple sauce and sour cream. The Turkey Club was spot on. I had gotten this on my previous lunch visit and knew I had to get it again. The salami, turkey, swiss, and avocado work well together. Unlike other delis I’ve been to, this sandwich was not overflowing with meat. It was thinly layered, but still felt hearty. The Short Rib was presently well with pieces of rye bread and a large bone marrow side. We weren’t adventurous enough to try the marrow, but the short rib had a ton of flavor. The thick glaze was delicious and the horseradish on the side was a nice touch.

We had heard great things about their desserts so we went with the carrot cake. I thought it was good, but would definitely prefer Hub 51’s Carrot Cake over Dillman’s. 

It was an enjoyable meal. My only concern is the lack of identity. Is it a deli or is it a bistro? I couldn’t tell. We can call it Deli Fusion for now. Either way, the food was good and it is definitely worth checking out. I would probably return for lunch over dinner, or even bring my laptop and get some work done with their café off to the side. The pricing is reasonable and the ambiance is stylish. Dillman’s is a part of a good family so you’ll probably enjoy anything you order. 

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