Monday, January 27, 2014

Kanela Breakfast Club

Location: 3231 N Clark
Cost:  About $18 per person

The other weekend Jenny and her coworkers got together for brunch, and I thought it sounded like a perfect opportunity to embarrass her with corny jokes and making people wait to eat their food until I took a picture of it (for the record the photos are only of my and her food). Anyways, it was freezing cold, but the trek up to Lakeview wasn't all that bad when they decided to try out Kanela Breakfast Club.

Kanela is on Clark street a bit north of Belmont. The storefront window was fogged over when we rolled in, and luckily they sat us in the well insulated back area of the dining room. It was pretty crowded, and I'd imagine the wait would have been a pain. Fortunately, we had a reservation. The cost is on par with the rest of the Chicago brunch scene with most dishes floating right around $10.

The Food
With our decent sized group, we tried quite a bit of the menu, but I'll focus on mine and Jenny's food. She got the Kanela Roll and some sides while I went with the Lorraine Scramble. Her cinnamon roll of sorts was slathered in sauce and definitely softer than the Ann Sather version around the corner (although not nearly as big). My scramble had some peppered bacon, potatoes, over easy eggs, onions, and gruyere cheese in a skillet. It was very heavy on the bacon and cheese. The potatoes were a bit softer than I would've liked though, and one of my eggs was overdone.

The Kanela Roll

 The Lorraine Skillet

 The Buttermilk Pancakes

Kanela Breakfast Club is a solid brunch spot in a city of variable options. They have a well rounded drink menu and plenty of good meal options for the sweet and savory fan alike. My skillet had a few common pitfalls, but the bacon more than made up for it. I'm giving them 3 out of 5 Pearls.

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