Monday, April 21, 2014

County Barbeque

Location: 1352 W Taylor
Cost: About $25 per person

I was tired of Jeremy getting crumbs all over the carpet with his sub sandwiches, so I suggested we go grab some BBQ the other night. After a lengthy debate about where we should hit up we ended up driving a bit out west to sample County Barbeque, one of the newer ventures from the DMK group.

We got to County Barbeque at the absolute worst time, around 7:15 PM on a Thursday. It was that perfectly wrong time where the early dinner wave had just gotten up and all new people had just sat down. It's worth mentioning that the restaurant is rather small with limited seating and not much room to stand and wait. Around 8, two spots opened at the bar, and we snatched them up. Cost wise it's pretty solid. Most main dishes are just above $10, but I'd recommend getting a few things based on the portions.

The Food
Jeremy and I are hooked on Rib Tips which made the entree choice simple. From there we also got some Fried Pickles and Okra, a Hot Link, the Mac n Cheese, and the Blackened Cauliflower. The tips were plenty juicy with a decent exterior char. I wouldn't put them at the level of Honey 1, but they held their own. The fried pickles and okra had an interesting grainy exterior. The hot link was plenty spicy and smokey. The mac was very heavy on the cheese which kept Jeremy happy. The Cauliflower was my favorite side with a great texture and a fresh sprinkling of cheese across the top.

The Rib Tips

 The Fried Pickles and Okra

 The Hot Link

The Blackened Cauliflower

The Mac n' Cheese

County Barbeque is a tiny place that has a very homey feel. The staff was small and very chummy with the customers. The BBQ was refined and well prepared. I'm usually in the camp of bigger portions, lower costs, and poor atmosphere. Still, it was a great place to watch a Hawks game and fill up. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. Good food reasonable prices that made me want to come here on the weekend